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South Fork Racing Fitting

How can I benefit from a bike fit?

By inputting your body measurements into the Frame and Parts Finder, your new bike is guaranteed to be a perfect fit with your optimum seat & handlebar position. Already have a bike, which feels uncomfortable. The solution is a Bike Fit, based on laser-scanned body measurements, we’ll calculate the correct frame size and then carry out a laser-guided bike adjustment.

With thousands of bike brands and models stored in its database, no matter what your current or future bike is this bike fit will work for you.



  • 5 point body scan
  • Laser scan of your existing bike or new bike
  • Laser adjustment of your old or new bike
  • Parts can be replaced immediately, as required
  • A report is generated for you to keep and takes roughly 50 – 60 mins


  • 14 point body scan (both sides of your body) highlighting any differences
  • In addition any injuries will be taken into account with a comprehensive questionnaire generated by the initial bike scan, these will cover:
    • Information on you seat position and any problems
    • Information on your body, covering any past injuries or problems newly encountered
    • Information about your bike, taking a bike scan, as a “before and after” showing differences on set up of your bike and giving you an optimised riding position, parts will be replaced, as necessary, in order to achieve this
  • A report is generated for you to keep and takes roughly 120 – 130 mins

For all Bike Fit bookings give us a call on 01271 817247 or email us at and we can arrange a time and day for you to come in.



  • 1 hour session with Coach Joe Beer (
  • Uses a proven protocol to find your maximum data
  • Establishes Heart Rate and or Power Zones to maximising train for fitness or performance
  • Can be cross referenced with your know racing and fitness data
  • Uses your bike and in-house rear wheel with built in power sensors
  • Requires a non-training day in the preceding 24-hours to get best results
  • Simple Training zones PDF e-mailed or printed for you to take away

Fitness Testing can be booked direct with Coach Joe Beer here.

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